Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~Wrap Up~

Did you survive?
I truly hope your christmas was 
very merry.

Well, I'm sure most of you are already tearing down
the christmas decorations and cleaning the house.
I usually am, and try to take advantage of 
my hubby being home the day
after christmas to truck
everything out,
but this year we decided to take things easy
and just spend time relaxing together.
Both of our house guests are
away spending time with their families for
the holidays,
so things have been pretty quiet and
laid back around here.

We had a fantastic christmas.
The kids were hysterical, and I'm trying to upload the 
"surprise christmas morning"
video, with Carter's reaction to all his new toys.

It was such a nice time, with 
each other, and family, and friends.
I always love the holidays and the get-togethers,
But now we start to look ahead
at the year to come.
I'm really excited to see what's in store for this coming year.
No New Year's resolutions,
but plenty of To Do's to cross off the 
infamous list.
Also one BIG list to share with all of you next week
as we kick off the new year.

Hope you all are enjoying the last week of the year :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I want for christmas is....

ok.. I know yesterday I said I was going to be taking things
easy this week, but I just had to share with
you. Have you guys checked out
They are this amazing site, that gets all sorts of these
fantastic vintage finds, for decor in 
your house. 
right up my ally. 
Well, today their deal of the day are these
dough bowls
for $31.50
AHHHH.. pinch me know please.
I have been searching for one of these for just about 
To the point that my husband knows
any time we go antiquing or 
to yard sales this is
on the top of my list.
Oh, so bummed it had to come right before christmas.
Check out some of the other amazing things 
they have:

If you haven't checked them out before, I would strongly
suggest heading over to their site.
They have a great
variety of one-of-a kind things.
You can also like them on facebook,
and see what their deal of the day is over there
as well. 
Here is a photo of one of those 'dough bowls' I found 
in vermont about 4 years ago.
This little antique store wanted over $85 bucks for it :(

ugh. Here's to someday owning one of these bad boys :)
Well, don't forget to head over and check
then out, they have
so much more stuff than what I showed you.

Happy Christmas Everyone :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick & Easy vase filler

Well, with Christmas this week I have decided to take things
super easy. It's so easy to caught up
in the business of the season, and sometimes miss 
out on the most important things.
So I decided towards the 
end of last week that I wasn't going to much of 
anything online this week, and spend
as much time with the kiddos,
watching christmas movies, making christmas cookies,
listening to christmas music,
and any other last minute prep stuff
before this weekend.
So if you don't see anything from me for a few days,
it's because we are cuddled up on the couch,
with the wood stove going,
just enjoying the holiday season in it's simplicity.
And between get together's and christmas
shopping we are filling our evenings with our favorite adult
christmas movies.
Tonight, we are watching
~It's a wonderful life~
It's a tradition from my husbands side of the family, so we will be curled up on the couch
watching this. And (secretly) I would love to have a 
family photo like this one day. HA HA.
My husband would probably die knowing that, because it looks like pure
chaos in his mind, but there's just something 
about it I love.
Well, I wanted to share with you a super easy simple way to add 
some holiday decor to your homes, 
right in time before you start entertaining.
Have you finished all your decorating?
Is your tree up and ready?
Well, mine has been done for a few weeks now, 
and something I do seasonally is change 
out my vase filler.
You may remember these beauties (mentioned here.)
Well when I started getting the christmas decorations up,
these were one of the first things I changed :)
I grabbed pine cones, twiggy balls, white, red and silver 
ornaments, and this twiggy garland that had silver buds on it.
I started by placing on end of the twiggy
garland in the bottom, and just started grabbing different
pine cones, and ornaments to fill it.
Spacing them out color wise to 
look pleasing to the my eye.
As I filled the vase I wrapped the garland around the inside
of it, so it would kinda swirl up to the top.
It really is quite simple, so I didn't take any in-the-process photos, 
but here is a close-up look of the other one as well.
And a picture of who kept me company along the way.
I don't know how this got in there, but she gives the best facial expressions,
I just had to give you a peak of what I get to 
look at while doing all these projects around the house ;)
You may remember seeing this finished product in display,
found here,
But here they are on my dining room buffet.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.
We are pretty excited over here, to have
christmas with the kids this year.
It's so great when they really start getting into the season.



Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sending Christmas Cards

  • Yo, Ho, Ho, sending christmas cards. Well it's that time of year again, the beloved christmas card. Do you send any, or have you totally neglected this part of the holidays. Well ever since photo cards became all the rave, that is what I have resorted to. They're quick, they're easy, and everyone gets an updated photo for the holidays. I actually really look forward to getting them myself, so maybe that's why I push to get them out. Well, this year was a real pain treat with trying to get both kids to not only look in the same direction, but smile at the same time non-the-less. The past 2 years it's just been Mr. Carter, and that was easy enough, but this year was a whole different challenge. I can't imagine what it will be like when there are more =). Anyways why don't I just get to the photos to show you what I mean.

  • pulling sissy over

    Mr. Carter looking so cute, but girly is on the move.

    Carter's version of saying "cheese"... ugh

    Dannika looking cute, Carter not looking

    my favorite except for the blurry hands :(

    And by this point they had both just about had it :) 
    So after the madness of trying to get a decent photo, it ended up being the very last one I took.
    You can view it by clicking here. Hope you enjoyed the photo montage and have a little bit of an easier time sending out your christmas cards this year ;) Happy Holidays 2011~

      Wednesday, December 14, 2011

      {christmas cards}

      Well, to add to the chaos of monday, with gingerbread houses, and sugar highs, and no naps, and holiday chaos. I decided that it would be the day to take our traditional holiday photo in front of the tree. Thankfully since the kids have come along, I no longer have to be in these photos, because who are we kidding, everyone just wants to see them anyways, BUT, 
      this year was a bit different with 2 of them now. Carter not looking, Dannika not wanting to sit still, you get the idea (to see some photos of what I mean head over to our Family page or click here to see what I'm talking about). 
      However, I did manage to get one shot 
      where they were both looking, nothing blurry, and no one is picking their nose. 
      Behold, the Doucette Christmas Card 2011.
      What a year it has been. With Dannika joining the family, a new house, a new house guest, and lots of great memories from this past year with friends and family, it truly is full of JOY.
      I ordered our christmas cards this year from Simply To Impress,
      because I was so impressed with the birth announcements
      I did through them for Dannika, I don't think I will ever be using Walgreens or CVS again.
      I know BOLD statement, but these guys really do give you the extra touch
      of feeling like you were treated with the customer service 
      and charm of the old days.
      (I know that technically I'm not even old enough to remember those days, 
      but this is how I would imagine it to be like).
      They have so many great options to choose from (instead of chancing that somebody 
      else will have the same one), and they are so quick,
      and thoughtful.
      Your cards show up in this beautifully wrapped box, with a personalized thank you note,
      the whole presentation just makes you feel special
      for ordering through them.
      Even though you order online, they have somehow found a way to feel like
      you just left their mom and pop store without having to leave
      your own home.
      Anyways to be cheesey, I was "simply impressed", and will use them
      again & again.

      Have you already done your christmas cards?
      Are you sending any out this year?
      Do you hand write, or do you like the photo cards?

      ~happy holidays~


      Tuesday, December 13, 2011

      christmas crafts

      So I'm a little late in getting this post up, but seeing how the theme of this post is for christmas crafts, and yesterday I think we did the ultimate in christmas crafts (making our own gingerbread houses) I'm excusing myself for being late :) Don't worry I will be putting up a whole little post on the wonderful time we had yesterday, but today I wanted to share with you a few things I made to add to my christmas decor, and linking up to the Holiday Craft Party @ Centastional Girl. I really wanted to use christmas decorations that I already had, and feeling inspired by Pinterest and Martha Stewart, I figured I would give it a go. So I have two crafts to show you. First I started collecting some empty formula cans. We have a keurig so we don't have empty coffee cans lying around, but with Dannika still on bottles, I figured a formula can was pretty close in size. 
       Carter and I took a walk through the woods and grabbed a bunch of
       sticks to glue to the cans for a rustic feel.

      I started by cutting them all the same length to glue them to the cans.
      Once I was done gluing I trimmed the tops down to make them some what even,
      and then tied them with taffeta. Then it was time
      to stuff them.
      First I put the styrofoam balls in to stick the greenery 
      and berries to.
      I just started tucking pieces in to fill the space.

      I saved the berries for last, and tucked them in and wrapped 
      them around the greenery.

      This is what I got:
      Then I just placed them throughout the house.
      Next I decided to make my own faux cone trees.
      I grabbed some regular old 8x12 printer paper, my stapler, 
      some twine and burlap to wrap around them.
      I rolled the paper to make a cone, and stapled in place. Then I cut
      off the bottom to make them flat.
      Once my cones were made, I started wrapping one 
      with twine,
      and one with burlap.
      Once they were wrapped it was time to jazz them up.
      I added stars, and little christmas ornaments, 
      and wrapped christmas ribbon
      around one of them.
      Here they are placed on top of my tv unit.
      And those are my two christmas crafts this year.
      I had so many other things I wanted to 
      get done, but I'm thinking that
      next year I'm starting in June.

      Don't forget to check back later for our gingerbread house's. 

      ~happy holidays~


      Thursday, December 8, 2011

      *Trimming the Tree*

      Continuing with all of this 
      holiday cheer,
      I'm linking up to the holiday party over
      for our christmas tree.
      You may recall me telling you all about 
      and then when we went back out to the farm to
      Well, now you finally get to see it up, 
      and decorated for the holidays.
      So to keep everyone happy I rotate colors each year.
      So far we have 3 themes,
      but I'm thinking of adding a 4th next year!
      Anyways, last year we did a Blue & Silver theme:
      ~little Carter 12/2010~
      (not the best picture of the tree, but this was what I used for our christmas cards)
      And the year before that we did Bronze, Copper, and Gold (myfav)
      ok you can hardly even see the tree, the lighting is awful,
      but I loved Carter's expression. (12/2009)
      this year we are back to traditional christmas red,
      which is always so nice and festive.
      This will be Dannika's
      first christmas, and I cannot believe this little girly of mine will
      be turning ONE shortly after.
      So here is this years tree:
      As mentioned in previous posts, I carried red through out the whole house.
      I have three of these ornaments saying,
      And I picked this little pine cone ball, along with some
      mercury glass ornaments up at target this year 
      to help off set all the red.
      I also added fake berry clusters which are probably my favorite thing on the whole tree.
      I love the look of fresh cranberry garland, but was not up for putting
      the time into making it. So maybe some year when
      I'm not chasing toddlers around :)
      I always hate trying to capture the christmas tree in a photo
      because I feel like it never looks as 
      good in a photo as it does in person, and you really don't get
      the same awe-type feeling seeing it glow at night,
      but here is a photo I tried to capture 
      at night.

      Well, that about sums it up over here. 
      I will be back next week
      with a christmas house tour to wrap it all up ;)

      Do you have your tree up?
      Do you alternate themes, or stick with the same traditional decor every year?
      Got any favorites?

      ~HaPpY hOliDaYs~


      Tuesday, December 6, 2011

      ~Merry Mantle~

      Well, as most of you know we just finished our wood stove project,
       as mentioned here.
       So I have a brand NEW mantle to decorate for christmas. 
      Just one more
      area to fill up with holiday
      yumminess :)
      So here is a close-up look at our new mantle,
      decorated for christmas.
      So technically I have 3 sides.
      Not one, three =)
      That makes for a lot of fun space to fill.
      So here is the left side. I first put down the extra branches we cut from the bottom of our christmas tree,
      spread those out, and a string of white lights, 
      and a few sprigs of champagne leaf leaves
      then I grabbed one of my serving platters from my
      chine set (featured here),
      my other silver reindeer, and a few ornaments.
      I grabbed these little wooden chestnuts at Hobby Lobby, 
      back in September. There was just 
      something about them that grabbed me, 
      had to have 'em,
      it's a good thing they were less than $1 each.
      On the right side, I grabbed the coffee pot and sugar holder
      from my china set. Using nice china to dress
      things up for the holidays
      is such a cheap and easy way to class things up a bit.
      Plus it also gives you a chance to 
      see things on display
      that you might normally have put away throughout the 
      rest of the year.
      I also grabbed another after dinner drink glass, 
      like on my shelves,
      filled it with left over cranberries and a 
      few acorns on top.
      In the middle, I got to put my favorite piece.
      My dear friend, Kellie, gave me this, 
      it's an old window from her 'new' great old house that they
      bought in downtown Concord.
      Simple statement. It's amazing. Would love to take some photos of her house
      to give you all a tour. 
      It's my favorite.
      And that's it.
      Keeping things simple and elegant.

      I'm also linking to the holiday link party over at 
      tomorrow over at 


      ~Happy Holidays~