Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st Birthday Party

I can't believe it.

Our baby girl is 1 already.
I feel like it wasn't too long ago and we were celebrating
my son's 1st birthday, and here we are again.
Here she is just 5 days old :) so precious.
And here she is now, 1 year.
We kept things pretty simple for her birthday. Just family this time around,
and we had a great time celebrating this little princess.

More on the decorations in a minute, first time for some presents.

(unfortunately with a night time party, the lighting isn't the best, 
but you get the idea)

Once she saw there was stuff to take out of the bag, she wanted no help :)
Checking out all her new clothes :)
She was more into reading the cards, who knew? :)

Carter got a little present too :)
Can you tell he's just a "little" excited.

Time for some cake:
Strawberry cake w/ strawberry frosting, and fresh strawberries :)

"Happy Birthday to you..."
( I made the fabric banner in the background to also hang in her room down the road.)
Very hesitant to touch it.
Hands full, and Carter wanting to get in on the action.
Using my chalkboard sign to display a simple
birthday message.
I made this pom pom out of cup cake liners,
and brought out her little
silver tea set she got 
from her Me Me for christmas :)
Adding some white frames,
with similar colors of the decorations,
to keep the shabby chic theme going.
I used more cupcake liners to make this little banner.
Will add the tutorial later, so simple.
(p.s. check out the new rug in the living room,
more on that later too.)
I made the POM POM's out of tissue paper.
Super easy and simple.
Adding some decor to the ledge shelves in our dining room.
The pom pom on the left was made out of 
cutting up some of the pink napkins I had picked up for the 
Adorable little flowers, I picked up @ Target
I used an old shutter that a friend gave me
and displayed pictures of the 
birthday girl.

~ Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake~



  1. Oh, her birthday was beautiful! Wonderful job decorating!!! And of course she is the most adorable little princess <3

  2. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to Dannika! She looks beautiful and your home is just so warm and lovely! Wish we could have been there!! Give her a high hug and kiss from both of us!!!


  3. You are SO my go to person when Julia gets married!! This all looks just beautiful!



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