Sunday, January 22, 2012

~cUpCaKe LiNeR bAnNeR~

This past week our baby girl turned ONE.
oh my gosh.
One of the decorations I made for her party 
was this cute and really simple little banner
out of cupcake liners:
I started with grabbing 2 different sizes of cupcake liners.
One with a pattern and one just plain white.
The I grabbed some fake flowers and some metal tab pins to hold it all together.
I started assembling, basically just layering the smaller cupcake liner
on top of the larger one, then the flower, and finishing with the 
pin in the middle to hold it all together.
Like this:
I then grabbed my hot glue gun out, to attach some simple
white string to the backs of them.
I put a dot of hot glue on the back of the cupcake liners,
right on the folder over metal tabs
so that way everything would be centered.
And this is a close up of what I got:
I love the look of the round, fanned-out liners, it was so unique looking from the typical
streamer, or store-bought banner.
Perfect girly touch for our perfect little girly :)

I also made this pom poms out of different colored tissue paper
I picked up for $1 a pack using this 
simple method.
We did these for a wedding I decorated this past summer,
so I was pretty familiar with this idea.
This is what I got:
I can't believe her 1st birthday has already come and gone,
but I'm really looking forward to the next
phase of toddler-hood with our
little girly.
The fun is just beginning :)


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