Sunday, March 25, 2012

{ Hale Navy }

I have a L O V E for Navy!
To me it's the perfect balance of casual sophistication.
It can be formal :
or it can be casual:

either way... I am totally crushing on this deep blue hue right now.
And it's starting to show :)
I love it on furniture:

... as a wall color:

... for an accent piece:

... or for an outfit:

(all images captured on Pinterest)

It's funny, I didn't really notice until I started looking around my house and my wardrobe,
how much this nautical color has infiltrated throughout my life over the last few years ;)

I know Navy isn't for everyone,
but do you have a color that seems to be the main theme throughout your life right now?

Has it carried over from your wardrobe to your interiors?
Or vice versa?

Let me know what your favorite color is?


1 comment:

  1. Yea!
    Tried to leave a comment yesterday and for some reason I couldn't????
    I love your Navy story boards! I've been wanting to do a summer look in my bedroom with whites, creams and navy but am having a hard time finding a simple navy throw.... who knew?
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    dee dee


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