Thursday, May 17, 2012

~Grey Obsession~

I will never forget how much I LOVED the way my grey walls came out
when we painted our dining room in this new house.
With the crisp white trim, 
the grey just screamed something you would see
on the cape, or Martha's Vineyard.
Which is a look I just love.
So simple and clean, and classic.
I always chose paint colors with a grey undertone,
so it was a no brainer to try Better Homes & Gardens
2011 top pick paint color "wood smoke".
I loved it so much that at the time, I debated painting the living room the same color,
since the two rooms have an open feel.
So a few weeks back when I stumbled across this article in
New England Home magazine,
I was captivated.
Not only do they feature a home in the same small state as mine,
but it's room to room grey.

She used the same color throughout the whole house,
Ben Moore's "classic grey".
Which is a "lighter" grey she describes,
but it's a great grey that just suites them and the house.

With the exception of the library painted Ben Moore's "westcott navy",
for some drama, pictured below.
Which I LOVE... first it's navy, second, I do like the contrast of a bold dark color.

Even upstairs carries the same classic grey throughout.

So this leads me to my dilemma :/

I am seriously wanting to repaint a few rooms in my house!
Which is kinda normal for me, I love to paint and repaint,
quite frequently.
I don't know if I would do the exact same color throughout,
or different shades or tones in the same grey family.
will my love for color be sorely missed.
When talking with a friend of mine recently,
she pointed out..
"Is it something you love,
but not love to live with?"

Now my famous saying is, it's just paint,
if you don't like it just paint it again.
But with 2 toddlers underfoot that can be a lot of work at times.

So what are your thoughts?
One color?
Every room a different color?

Things to think about.
I've been pondering it for a few weeks now,
and am really thinking about making the switch,
but I run into this thing,
the same type of "thing" happens right before I get my hair done.
Just when I can't stand my hair anymore,
and make an appointment,
I start to love it all over again, 
and then wonder if I should keep the appointment.
Does that happen to any of you??

ok.. enough rambling, just curious what your thoughts are :)


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  1. We have alot of grey throughout out new home and just love it! I painted out kitchen/ great room a color called Revere Pewter (a BM color) and a lighter version called edgecomb grey! Both colors are fantastic! Can't wait to see what you decide!
    dee dee


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