Thursday, November 1, 2012


I Promise, I am still alive. 
We have had LOTS & LOTS of exciting things going on over here
in Doucette Design, which I can't wait
to share with all of you.
But that has meant one busy momma for me :)
So I'm simplifying things today,
because I n.e.e.d. it.
I'm borrowing this from JDC
{who I think got it from LMM}
but I loved it,
because I LOVE lists.
here is goes.

loving: every little tiny simple thing my kids are doing these days.

{sorry for the blurry Instagram photos, but this totally made me realize
I have no current photos of them together.}

If you don't know her, get to know her, she's a-ma-zing!
(And what a better time, her book is on sale right now @ DaySpring}
source: DaySpring
waiting for: next weekend! More on that S00N!

excited about: next Thursday!!! I do a good job at keeping you guys
in suspense, HUH?
but this is a close 2nd:
{literally made me laugh.out.loud}

missing: MEXICO. sounds lame, maybe?
But the hubby and I have had some fabulous vacations there,
including our honeymoon,
and sometimes nothing can compare to sitting on their beach
with chips & salsa and a great Margarita!

trying to: Be the best mom I can be with my kids,
right now,
and the stages they are in.
Even though I have days where I feel like I fail miserably,
I'm thankful for God's grace, and His
gentle reminders to love them at the stage they are in, 
and there you will find patience.

using: My hot glue gun, paint, sewing machine
and iron. A LOT these days.

working on: Two things in paticular-
a. my fitness
b. my business 

wearing: I think this one should say 
"What I wish I was wearing"
I wish I was wearing this:

planning: A GNI {girls night in}! Can't wait, 
and will give a full discloser 
of all the details.

singing: Mercy Me's Christmas CD.
I know I start early, but I love it,
and so does my son.
Most precious thing to hear him sing every song
so passionately.

needing: A time out. We are in the grind folks. My husbands busy season
for work has been in full swing since August, which means 6 day work weeks,
and looooong days.
{I have to keep reminding myself, it's almost over, after Christmas}

learning: To be purposeful in my parenting,
intentional in my marriage, 
and lots on starting your own business :)

wishing: For the house to myself :) HA
And more realistically, to be as productive as possible over the next 
8 days.

doing: Let's put it this way, what am I not doing :) 
{I hope that doesn't sound like I'm complaining, 
I'm not, 
it's more just crazy busy!}

praying for: Patience {honest moment: with my kids:)}
I like things in order, and on time, and done a certain way.
And with toddlers I just need to grasp that it is NOT always possible.
Sometimes yes. But always, nope.
{My reminder that I want my heart to be FULL of Him, so I speak like Him}

dreaming of: Putting an addition on our house :P
It did say dreaming, so yes, something like this:
I want to expand the kitchen, with a room full of windows like this,
so that I can put our perfectly rectangle farmhouse
dining table in it. 
So if you were looking at the house, it would be to the left,
so the shape of the house would be like an "L".

And that's it for now :)
I truly hope you are all doing great as we prepare for
the upcoming Holiday Season,
and yes I'm still alive.

~Was there a bullet point that stuck out to you?
If so, leave a comment and let me know:)
I'd love to hear from ya!


  1. Wow! Your heart, days and mind are very full right now. be sure to take some time for you, Mommy!

    1. You got that right girl!!! Thanks so much for the sweet reminder :) Next Sat. has mommy time written all over it :) Probably what I'm so excited about :) he he.. But yes, there's lots going on in our life and in my heart :) Thanks Bronwyn! ~Bre


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