Friday, November 30, 2012

Table Makeover

Today I'm going to share with you 
our dining room table makeover.
I actually painted it this time last year, but never got around to posting it.
With holidays upon us it's easy to get wrapped up
into "needing" a new table set, dinnerware, and entertaining sets.
So instead of turning those wants into needs,
lets make the best of what we have,
and remember to be thankful to have a table set to being with.
{And if you don't, by all means go out an get one... if you can :) }
You might be familiar with how our dining room 
table currently looks:

It didn't always look this way. 
In fact most of the time I covered it with a table cloth,

because I honestly couldn't stand it!
It wasn't the color, it was the style.
Everything just seemed very dated to me,
not to mention the top of the table was LAMINATE!
That's what held me back for so long.
I knew painting laminate was a waste of time,
one scratch, and it shows its ugly face all over again.
It wasn't until I came across this post,
that I figured I had a chance.
So I picked up a can of this:

And began right away!
Even though only the table top was laminate,
I decided to prime everything with this, so they would all have the same finish.
PLUS it eliminated any sanding, because the chairs and table legs
still had a thick coat of varnish on them.

You'll notice in the background of the following pic, our hearth is underway.
I decided to tackle this project the same week we installed our 
wood stove. I don't know I was thinking,
but somehow it all worked out :)
Here's a close up of the tabletop all primed. I followed the instructions on the 
can, and did a light sanding on everything to get rid of any brush strokes,
that stuff was pretty thick.
Once it was dry, I applied two coats of this paint:
This paint offered a nice thick, even coverage, and was recommended
specifically for furniture. 
I couldn't have agreed more :)
I love how are table came out,
and I will say this,
my husband is not one for painted furniture,
or painting wood for that matter,
and he was very impressed with the outcome,
and liked the table that much more once everything was finished.


You can read here, where I added the new end chairs.
I'm pleased to say that this has been completed for over a year, 
and has held up beautifully.
Some of the steps might take a little time,
but when done correctly,
it's worth all the effort.
Hope you like it!

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  1. Love the room and the table!!! Amazing how a little paint can actually make a person like their old piece of furniture. The black & white theme is wonderful. :)

  2. I don't even think I realized THIS was the table you had painted!! It's amazing!!! I remember Jesse threw a napkin at me when I said I was painting the hutch (don't tell him about all my other projects now, HAHA!) :)

  3. Beautiful! I've never heard of the paint that you purchased, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi, I'm in the process (struggle) of trying to get a nice, even, durable and smudge resistant black finish on a dining set. Did you brush this paint on or use a roller? Now that you've been using the set for a year, would you say that this paint gives the durable finish you were looking for? You didn't mention it so I'm assuming you didn't go with a top coat? I'd really appreciate your advice because I'm having a tough time with isn't as easy as it looks if you ask me!

    1. Hi Ami! oks o funny story.. we kept meaning to put a top coat on and then it got too cold out to keep the windows open (for proper ventilation) so we thought in the spring we will.. completely forgot about it.. until you mentioned it in your comment! I honestly think it hardens up so well when it's dry you don't need a top coat. It is oil based.. so rinsing your brush with water won't work to clean it, you will need a brush cleaner. But I used a roller for the top, and a brush for the chair and legs.. and LOVE LOVE LOVE the outcome. I honestly don't think I will use a different type of paint if I have to paint furniture again. It was so easy, and the coverage and durability is what sold me :) Unless I venture to try out MMS milk paint line :) which I am dying to try :) However, I am really pleased with the outcome.. no smudges.. no chips, I think you will be pleased :) Hope that helps.. and Good Luck! ~Bre

  5. It is amazing how some paint can change the whole look of a piece of furniture! In fact I saw the chairs after in the first photo and saw them in the second before photo and had to scroll back up to to verify they were the same chair! Looks wonderful!
    dee dee

  6. I love how the big chairs match the black table.

  7. What color did you paint it? It looks beautiful!

  8. Does your table still show all the scratches and dents in it sense you painted it? My table is dented and scratched I've tried wax to fill it and no go! So I was thinking primer paint and then chalk paint with a top coat? What do u think?


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