Friday, December 14, 2012

{2012} Merry Mantle

I seriously can't believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks! 
Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?
I have some stocking stuffers to get today,
and think we will be making some christmas cookies this afternoon :)

Today I'm going to share this years Christmas mantle with you!
I have to say, I kinda liked last years a little better,
the hubby was pretty set on no real greenery on the mantle,
due to the fire hazard.
He is a by the book guy, 
and I do have to say that I loaded it last year,
and within a week, it was all pretty dried out ; /
So per his request, there is only fake greenery on our mantle this year.
That and the fact that our mantle has three sides,
which don't get me wrong, I like it,
but when push comes to shove and it comes down to actually
decorating it, it can be kind of tricky!

 However, when you are in our dining room, 
looking into the living room,
I like that you can see the lights on the mantle and the lights 
on the Christmas tree at the same time.

Here is a full view of our mantle.

I grabbed my large white serving platter from the kitchen,
and brought it in here for a little elegance.
Since our mantle is in the dining room, 
I like decorating with tableware to keep it feeling like a dining room.

To decorate this year,
I took everything down from our fall mantle
except for the window in the middle,
for a fresh start.

Keeping with the white theme, and more simplistic look,
I didn't really add a whole lot.
The two small trees I got from Hobby Lobby,
the small "joy" sign, I made using some scrap wood,
painted it red, and then stenciled the letters on.

I did some end of the season shopping last year at Hobby Lobby,
and got quite a few greenery clusters,
including the one below,
and some other christmas decor for 88% off!
Love those deals :)

To finish things off I used a small strand of white lights.
I always love how magical white lights make everything look.
It adds such a nice soft glow!

I will be back this afternoon to show you more details 
on the chalkboard door,
but here you get a glimpse of how the whole room feels.

That's it for now,
make sure you check back this afternoon
for my chalkboard details.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Your home is so beautiful. I love how you mix patterns and colors. The mantle is perfect!


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