Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A {Special} Thanks!

Today I am thankful for ...
All of my followers, with {special} thanks 
to my newest followers.
I'm so thrilled to have you all here,
and today I reached 100!

I know to some this isn't very much,
but to me it's a whole lot,
and I am SO thankful to have you all here!

And for all of your sweet comments on our christmas decor I've shared so far!
Seriously has been so nice!

Tomorrow I will be sharing Christmas in our kitchen,
but wanted to give you a sneak peak today!

Keeping with our simple theme throughout the house,
and adding lots of greenery.

My favorite is this little tree,
in an old maple syrup bucket!

I hope you are having a wonderful week as we prepare for Christmas,
and time with family & friends.

I'm starting to slow things down quite a bit over here,
so that we can sit back and enjoy this holiday season,
and all the God has blessed us with :)

Have a great Day!
and again, I am so happy to have ALL of you here with me!


  1. I'm feeling mighty thankful myself. I can't wait to see what your kitchen looks like...I'm already eyeballing those blue mason jars lol.

  2. I just found your blog and am so happy that I did! I love your style, it's very much like mine. I'll be getting inspiration from you. Thank you!!

  3. I came over early this morning and saw that you were at 99!! So excited that you hit 100!!! I'm at 92... hoping to hit 100 by Christmas!! :) As always.. LOVE stopping by! Hugs!!

  4. Hello from France ! I discovered your blog few days ago with pleasure. I like decorating, I like your style and I try to improve my english level by reading blogs, specially yours. Thank you for that and for giving me ideas to decorate my house in Normandy.


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