Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in the Kitchen

Merry Christmas EVE!
I hope that you all are having a wonderful day!
We are in full swing vacation mode over here with christmas movies,
and christmas cookies, 
a full day of lounging in our pj's,
and enjoying the quiet time together.
As promised,
I wanted to share some little snip-its from our kitchen!

I have another post with some details,
on how I put things together in here,
but will share that later this week.

I draped garland and white lights, with a few poinsettia's 
over the top of all the cabinets.
I love the glow it gives off at night :)

After seeing these paper wreaths on Pinterest last year,
I couldn't wait to make some this year.

I love mine hung over the kitchen sink!
Perfect way to bring some Christmas into the kitchen!
It kinda makes me want some sort of a wreath there all year long :)

It really is stunning in person,
I clipped some simple greenery, pinecones and a tiny ornament to mine,
for more of a Christmas feel.

Finishing off around the sink I placed some large pinecones in front of the window,
and brought in some more boxwood bunches in pitchers,
for more greenery.

Across the kitchen I have some shelves hung to hold my cookbooks, 
and cake stands.
I decided to practically take everything off of them,
and do something a bit different for christmas.
Here is a quick cell phone pic of what they looked 



As you can see there are a few key pieces I kept,
but also brought out some new things.
We randomly hit a yard sale at the beginning of fall,
where I picked up this great set of vintage mason jars for a steal!

They had been sitting in a closet, because I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them,
and thought they were perfect to bring out for Christmas,
not to mention I think they found the perfect home on these shelves.

I moved things around,
added more boxwood clusters,
and some silver twig garland.

I grabbed this extra small basket I had to put loose recipes and smaller cookbooks in.
The larger cookbooks I placed in one of the cabinets under the island,
and am thinking they might stay there even after Christmas.

To the left of the shelves are two windows,
where I hung some live garland,
and replaced the corkboard with a Christmas chalkboard drawing I did.

I placed a small tree, I cut down from out back
in an old maple syrup bucket,
and left it at that for a simple touch.

I hope you all have a wonderful 
Christmas Eve

I will be back tomorrow with a short post
featuring our christmas cards!

~Merry Christmas~


  1. it looks beautiful! love all the greens! merry christmas!

  2. Oh my your home is beautiful.. ready for Christmas! Merry Christmas!
    dee dee


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