Monday, December 3, 2012

InstaLife Lately

Today I'm at a clients doing some holiday decorating,
so I figured the best way to update
you on what I've been up to, is give you a little
InstaLife(gram) collage!

1.+2. I made a few new wreaths I was dying to try, including a fun little
Girls Night In, with some close friends!
3. I re-arranged the living room, to make room for the tree.
which leads to #4 + #5
4. Tree is up and lit, finishing decorations as we speak :)
5. Re-arranging, and getting in the mood for christmas,
led to changing out the slip covers (WHITE) for christmas,
which meant swapping curtains out, and bringing in different ones
from another room.. love that I can do that!
6. A sneak peak of a little Christmas vignette I'm working on.
7. Christmas chalk drawing, I meant to bring to the store,
but so far have kept it for myself :) Oopps!
8. I went to my 10yr. highschool reunion! As a date, because I technically didn't 
graduate from that school (we moved), which was a fun night out!
9. Making gingerbread houses for my guest post on Tues.
@ Migonis Home for 12 Days of Christmas!

Ohhh It's getting Christmasy (sp?) up in here!
And I can't wait to share it with you all!
Until then, Here's to "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

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