Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week's Top Pins

Ok, you've heard me say it before, and mention it over and over and over again.
But I love Pinterest. SO I'm going to share my love with you.
 Just in case you don't happen to already follow me on pinterest, every friday, coming at you,
 I will give you my Top Ten pins of the week. No, these aren't "Pinterest" top voted or anything like that, just my favorites from the week. Hope you enjoy :)





Via BH&G



And because I always like to end with dessert,
something sweet too :)


So there you have it... the pics that have caught my eye this week.
Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dining room ~updates~

Ok, let me first say, sorry for my lack of posts these last few weeks.
Things don't seem to be busy, 
but if I look at my lack of blog posts, I guess they are.
Well time for an update.
I have been hot on the search for all things white,
can I just put a side note in here :
"Why is it that when you aren't looking for something, you see it everywhere,
and when you are looking for it, it's nowhere to be found?"
The great thing though about hunting for white things,
is I know I will always find them,
because they never go out of style :)
(insert sigh of relief)
And it takes time when you are on a budget.
Can't go broke overnight.
So earlier this week I picked up a few things to start
transforming the dining room.
To put together a simple table top for the time being
I grabbed the styrofoam balls I used to
make some of the decorations for Dannika's 1st Birthday,
and decided to wrap them in moss.
I wasn't sure which one I would like better, so the package on the left comes in like a sheet form,
and the package on the right is just loose moss.
I ended up using the package on the left, and it worked really well.
I grabbed my hot glue gun, and started wrapping the moss around the styrofoam balls tightly,
gluing in place.
NOTE: I really had no concrete method of doing this, so if you are reading this
and you are a florist, I'M SORRY.
It might look totally hodge-podged to you,
but I was kinda flying on the seat of my pants,
and I think it came out rather well :)
Once I had completed covering all three of the moss balls,
I grabbed a white urn that my mom had, 
and was not using, and filled it
with an arrangement of decorative stick and twine balls that I already had.
I layered some place mats down on the table first,
until I get make a table runner,
I also envision some sort of long rectangle low basket or something
that everything can fit in.
I also grabbed my two IKEA vases
(used here and here),
Filled them with the small white stone vase filler,
also from Ikea, and I had it on hand,
and picked up the white pillar candles when I grabbed the moss.
So for now we have stage one :)
I also grabbed a new lamp for the dining room to replace the one that was in there.
As mentioned before, I was never a fan of this lamp base, 
but we bought it (and it's twin) for our first
apartment out of just needing something.
You know how that goes.

I picked up this lovely lady at TJ Maxx for $29.99.
Cute shade and all.
It fits in the room so much better.
I also grabbed some white plates to hang on the wall on
either side of the mirror, and once we get those up
will post some updated photos.

Also for an update on the living room,
I finally decided on the table lamps.
While scanning store shelves this past week, I did come across
two pottery barn look-a-like mercury glass lamps with
burlap shades in Home Goods.
But once seeing them in person, I wasn't 100% sold.
And when shopping with kids, it's not as easy to buy something,
get it home, find out you don't like it, 
and go back to return it.
So I passed them up (although they are still a favorite in general).
The winner of the new table lamp debate for the living room
are these beauties:
from Target.
They seemed the most simplistic from all the ones I was deciding on here,
but while at Target I saw them in person,
and fell in love.
Brought them home, and they fit the living room perfectly.
Just need to finish start sewing my new throw pillows,
and I will put up some pics :)

Ok, that's it for now, will be back soon with more updates :)

~ Have a great day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the LOVE of a day

The Lettered Cottage
Oh, Valentine's Day :)
I don't tend to decorate for the holidays other than 
Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas.
But there sure are some cute and creative ideas out in the blogworld, 
that I figured I show you some images that
have caught my eye throughout 
the past couple of weeks.

My Blessed Life
Country Girl Home
Tatertots & Jello
LOVE the little kids table. So adorable.

Hope you have a lovely valentines day :)
As for me and the little guy,
we will be making our own rendition of 
"heart" shaped cookies 

Sweet Love


Friday, February 10, 2012

Dining Room Pinspiration

Well, just to keep you updated, I haven't acquired any new
white decor items yet. Hoping to do that this month.
SO on another note our dining room is 
close to feeling complete.
After a few major/minor projects.
You can read about those 
here and here
(still have to do a post about our dining table paint transformation = yikes)
I just have a few of the finishing 'touches' to add to the space,
to make it feel complete.
At our last place, I never really felt like the dining room came together.
We painted, added the chandelier, artwork, even made my own curtains.
But it just never seemed to have that completed 'feel'.
I guess I just summed it up to, 
the dining room table.
It was a hand me down in excellent condition,
and when you get your first place, and basically have a bed, and a dresser,
you aren't about to turn down any furniture 
from family. 
And 9 years later, it is still holding up just fine.
It's just not my taste.
So this past fall I painted it, and loved the outcome.
Now I just want to get two of these beauties:
source = Ikea
to replace the existing end chairs, and finish it off with an everyday
table top vignette.
Ultimately we want to make our "own" farmhouse style table.
And the great news about that is the style of 
table I want, is super simple, and will be really easy to make.
Here are some photos of dining room pinspiration that are
right up my alley, and serve as inspiration 
for our dining room.

One major theme is the black windsor chairs.
Love this one (and the room) from Ethan Allen:
But that beauty sings to the tune of $599.00. YIKES.
I can tell you right now that will never happen, 
for one chair.
While I love high end quality, there is much to be said 
for the price tag.
The other similar theme in these photos is the style of the table.
I know I want a worn in wood plank top, I'm just undecided as to if I want
black legs, to match the black chairs/bench, or if I just want it all to be the same color.
Who knows, we aren't at the point of making our new table yet.
So back to the the status of the room being complete. 
We already have the materials to add a chair rail 
throughout the whole room, just have to get 'er done,
and the next purchase will be the wicker end 
chairs shown above.

I'm hoping that with the minimal amount of things that are left to tie this room all 
together, we can have it done with in the next few weeks or so.

Have any rooms that feel not quite complete?
Have any idea on what needs to be done to bring it all together?

I love the feeling of being in a room, and looking around and not seeing a single thing
that needs to be added or done.
To me that = happy place.

Hope you have a great weekend :)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

{The White Issue}

Have you seen the February 2012 issue?
Oh my.
Be still my heart. It's like they knew what I was thinking or something? :)
Do you see all the lovely white.
As you can imagine, I couldn't wait to curl up with this one.
Especially if you read this post the other day,
about my quest for all things white.
I got to wake up this morning to a lovely post by
and her love for her iron stone.
She's amazing.
Great style.
Anyhow, back to the Country Living issue.
Inside you will find lots of 
white inspiration:

Also, if you head over to their website,
you can check out these
lovely images:

ohhh sheer bliss :)

Now I'm even more excited to go out and get me some white accessories.