Monday, January 14, 2013


Well I know it's been declared that 
is the it color for 2013,
but honestly I am not a fan :(
Seriously, I would love to sit around the table in that room,
and see how they come up with the design trends for the new year?
Do they pick them out of a hat?
Is there a method?
Or based off of somebody's mood?
Seriously if someone knows the answer, Do Tell :)
My birthday is in May, so it's even my birthstone,
and to be honest I've never been a fan. 
Maybe it's because the only thing that comes to mind is the 
Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz,
but for some reason it's the only shade of green that I JUST don't vibe with.
I love green, all shades, really,
just not a fan of emerald ;)

I did however come across two photos that I do like,
and they surprisingly have emerald in them!

Not bad,
but I can tell you it will not be a color showing up in my house.

Oh well,
here's to waiting til next year :)


  1. If you watch some of the Million dollar decorators shows that were taped last year, there is a ton of emerald. I think those are the types of place they are looking. Not the show, but the expensive designers. I have a feeling they have a somewhat symbiotic relationship going. I am not totally feeling the green. Last year they declared coral and just look at how that showed up everywhere.

    I think that if you have style, it does not really matter what colors you are using. It's more about contrast and relationships.

    Oh and I am in the process of painting a owl on an emerald background. Ha ha... Or maybe it's just dark green... who knows...

  2. Normally, I'd be thinking the same thing. For some odd reason, it appeals to me. True, I could probably never add it to my home but I could definitely see myself in a scarf or jewelry of that shade of green. I'm loving the two pics you posted too. Who would have thought that color could look so good on furniture?!

  3. It is funny how colors come and go... faster than you can blink! Stay with what you like... you have wonderful taste!
    dee dee


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