Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kitchen Inspiration

I'm loving all the feedback from 
about my plans for our kitchen this year!
I'm sure you have all seen this photo before, and while it's not my original
inspiration pic, it portrays what I want for the ceiling 
if the exposed beams doesn't pan out :)

I mean worse case, we tear the ceiling up it doesn't work, and I live with
and exposed ceiling until we can do the beadboard,
I'm willing to take the risk!

I put together a little mood board with some of my favorite pieces for a glimpse 
of my farmhouse kitchen!

Now this is not meant to be an accurate scale or layout of the room,
however it does work when you are trying
to compile all of your ideas in one spot and get a general idea
for the feel of the room.
There are a lot of neutral colors in the room,
with white being the main theme throughout.
Since I'm still using the same cabinets I didn't see it necessary to put them in this board.

I was more trying to include all the extras :)
The fun stuff!!
I still want to add a touch of navy blue in an area rug by the sink,
and maybe some throw pillows on the bench by the door.
I will make sure to include where I purchase 
things for the kitchen,
because you know I'm all about a good deal!

I'm pretty much waiting for the next time 
Sherwin Williams
has a sale and I will go and purchase the paint for the 
kitchen and the living room.
{I know the living room your thinking, I will be sharing those plans soon too!}

Have a Great Day!!


  1. How breathtaking! I love the mood boards. They are so useful!

    1. Thanks Natalie ;) It really does help when you can see everything laid out together!! ~Bre

  2. Girl you have talent! It is going to be awesome! So liking the dark rug! The board is great!!!

    1. Thanks :) I'm anxious to see it all come to life!! Also loving that dark rug.. our kitchen is high traffic, so I need something to hold up to all the dirt tracked in :) ~Bre

  3. I can't wait to see all you have instore for this room!
    dee dee

  4. Hi Bree! I have so enjoyed looking through your blog! YOur homes is beautiful & lovely, so happy to begin following you. Great mood board-all the things I love! Have a great weekend!Jen


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