Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kitchen Talk

So, along with the new year comes new 
To-Do's and new Lists,
and you know I'm a list-lover.
I seriously think I would exhaust myself if I tried to compile
every.single.plan. I have for this Langford house
of ours,
{honestly a tad overwhelming to even start to think about it}
  I do love a good project, and I do love to cross things off my list.

So today we are going to talk about the kitchen!
Yes, my kitchen,
which now thinking about it, I really don't think I have done a kitchen post.EVER.
Yes, I have showed you the kitchen, 
{in our house tour here}
and I have done projects in the kitchen,
but really I haven't shared a whole lot about it,
which is kinda sad, due to the kitchen was what 
a.) caught my eye first
b.) was* my favorite part
*since moving in, has moved away from #1, but we're gonna fix that.
c.) pretty much one of the major factors we bought this pretty little house in the first place!
So I guess it's time :)

Let me start with this. 
The kitchen needed the least amount of work,
and by work I mean, painting, or buying furniture for,
or setting up, so it was not the first on the list of things to tackle when we moved in.
And to be quite honest I'm still not 100% sure of how
I exactly want it to look.
that doesn't mean it needs to be forgotten,
and right now, it feels forgotten :) 

We did a minor project to it, last spring,
and that was wrapping the island in beadboard.
I also added 2 more of the same IKEA bar stools
(when we went and got the new chairs for the dining room)
and added wood blinds to the windows.
But that is it, we haven't done anything else.
{p.s. we've had the beadboard for the backsplash for over a year now,
but just haven't had the time to do it,
I'm hoping now that things have quieted down again, it can get done soon!}

Since the kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk into our house,
it makes a statement. You notice the white cabinets right away :)
Which is what I always wanted :
a white kitchen
so we can cross that one off the list.
Next would be "real" butcher block counters,
but I that has to be "Phase 2"
The house came with brand new appliances,
{Thank You Jesus!}
stainless steel appliances
so we can cross that off the list.
Now for the last 7 or so years I have been telling the hubby
that I want beadboard on the ceiling in the kitchen
{I'll share the original source inspiration photo in post down the road}
but as a possible bypass I almost have him convinced to 
just rip down the existing sheet rock and expose
the subfloor and beams already in place, and paint them white.
Like this:
Meg Ryan's summer home featured in Elle Decor
and this:

source: BH&G
So that we aren't quite sure of yet,
if it will make it to Phase 1 or 2.

You can see in the first photo our current pendant light over the island.
Again, not a bad choice at all.
Brand new with the purchase of the home,
however it just doesn't go with the "farmhouse" feel I'm going for,
so insert "want for new lighting photo"
You might remember a post a did a while back about Barn Lights,
Well this lovely bermuda pendant is from them,
but if you visit the post, I like all the lights in it, so something along this line.

Now the one thing that I have been dying to do is paint,

It's not that the color is a bad one at all,
{although lately I'm feeling swallowed by brown in there}
but you know when you have a color stuck in your head of how you 
invision the space to look.
I always saw the perfect shade of pale blueish/grey, maybe a touch of sea green.
Call me crazy, 
but do you know how many colors are out there like it,
I think I've pinned more than a dozen!
For the most part though they all end seeming a tad too blue.
So after stalking visiting this lovely blog 
a ba-jillion times
I think I have finally found the one:
Horizon by: Ben Moore

I know it looks more grey and putty-ish online,
but I assure you in person it has the slightest tint of pale pale blue to it as well.

And that is really the first thing TO-DO on the list!
because everything else will be
as a result to putting things back together in there once painted.

So once the painting is done,
and we are putting things back on the walls,
I'm really wanting to change up 
my shelves.

Here's what I'm thinking:
I'm thinking white, white corbels for brackets,
and similar to this or like in the photo below.
Also adding some large food storage jars like below for baking items.

{This is my original photo *pre-pinterest* that I saved from an article
for dream kitchen inspiration}

Of course I love all the white displayed, but really love the texture in this photo,
and all the stacked cutting boards.
I will definitely be on the hunt for some large antique
 cutting boards this year.

And after spotting this idea in a brief note from the editor
of this months Country Living,
I added one of these to the list as well:
via: Pinterest
I like the contrast of the grey beadboard, and I think this one is trimmed out in marble,
I'm thinking white, more farmhouse looking,
but adding a wall mount plate rack,
similar looking to this.

So in a nutshell, that's my major/minor
wishlist/TO-DO list
for our kitchen this year.

I will be recapping tomorrow with a little mood board
 for fun :)

See you then!


  1. Oh Bre... If I could just live inside your head for a moment... The ideas look amazing, I can't wait to see it when it's done! :)

  2. Bre,
    I am positive that that paint color will look amazing in your kitchen! Can't wait to see all the tweaking that will be taking place in your outstanding kitchen!
    dee dee

  3. Love your kitchen already, can't wait to see the changes!

  4. Wonderful ideas! You are going to be one busy girl!!

  5. LOL I love a good list too! And I am sure whatever you choose for the kitchen it is going to look fantastic!!! I love all the inspiration you picked!!

  6. First off your kitchen is fabulous! All of your to-do's are going to be awesome...I especially love the ceiling inspiration photos and the open shelving!!! We are looking to do something to our ceiling to give it some character...one of these days! I Can't wait to see how your space evolves!

  7. LOVE!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!! Those are some fabulous ideas!! I love the exposed beam idea too! So fun!!


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