Monday, January 7, 2013

RH Inspired Sign

A while back I was flipping through a
Restoration Hardware
catalogue, and came across this lovely piece.

I loved the look of this so much, 
it inspired me to make my own.
I had an upcoming event that I would be selling some signs
and other things at, so it was the perfect 
opportunity to try it out.

My booth from the event is pictured below:

You can see my RH inspired bus roll above,
in the front on the right.
I chose to do a subway line from Boston,
one that we took a lot when my husband and I would go to the city.

I love how it came out, and now have a running list of
bus roll signs I want to make :)

When thinking of different Christmas ideas this year,
you know there is always one on your list who is hard to buy for.
They either already have everything, don't give you any ideas
as to what they would want,
or want everything it's hard to narrow down a gift.

Well keeping this project in mind,
the hubs and I came up with the perfect 
gift for the cigar enthusiast in your life.

Since I only have a slight cigar knowledge I relied on the hubs to help
me with the logos and look for this one.

Each wood slat is a different cigar logo.
We chose ours based on the
ones the giftee liked the most.

And I'm happy to say he loved his present.

I wanted it to have a vintage worn in feel,
so we kept the edges raw,
and lightly sanding the frame around it.
is a local cigar brand by a friend and  
cigar shop owner,
so it I think it feels a little closer to home with their logo included.

Overall I love how this came out,
and enjoyed making some custom ones as well
for gifts this Christmas.

Now I just need to make one for my own house!

Happy Monday!!

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