Saturday, January 5, 2013

This week's Top Pins

this week flew by!
It could be that it was a short work week in our house
with the holiday on Tuesday.
I hope you caught my post about a great deal on 
some area rugs. I believe the sale is through the 6th, so if you hurry up
there is still some time :)

We are headed out tonight with some friends to celebrate 
the hubby's birthday, 
so today will be quick, but I just wanted to share 
some yumminess I spotted on Pinterest this week.
Recently I passed over the 6,000
pin(photo) mark, so if you don't follow me,
head over now, cause I have plenty for you to see :)

Onto this week's!
I love love love this hallway!
Who knew such a minor space could be so cozy and inviting.
To me the perfect example, of using every corner of your home :)
via: Houzz

I think I have highlighted almost 100 of photos of similar kitchens,
however, here we are focusing just on the lights,
because I think I finally won the hubby over into letting me get some
for over our kitchen island!

To me it doesn't get much more classic than this.
The floors, the cabinets, especially the glass ones, 
the layout...
I would LOVE to cook here!

I love when the kitchen is open to the dining room,
like in this photo.
Such a great space.

GASP! I love these slipcovered chairs! OF course paired with the table,
and the lantern above, but even more, love
the rich color on the walls,
via : Westbrook Interiors

Did you know that pinterest is a great source to find good paint colors?
I find some great ones on there,
including this gem, by Ben Moore,
it's said to be the perfect neutral to pair with wood trim,
because "yes" not everyone has white trim or likes it.
November Rain is your color, but I think it would look great with white trim too!
I heard of this color back in Feb of 2012
Wescott Navy by Ben Moore.
And it is my goal to have this somewhere in my house!

Perfect guest room space.
The walls, the mirror above the bed.
via: Houzz

I think we all know how much I love a pair of chairs, NO?! 
This is a great example, not to mention the upholstery, drapes,
and planked wall.
via : Ballard Designs

I love the board and batten here,
with the pictures resting on top of it, not hung on the wall.

Gorgeous bedroom space
via : BH&G

The slate floors and wide planked walls had me at hello!
via: Decor Pad

You know it's nice to appreciate nice spaces,
and like nice things,
but I think this is a great reminder of matters in life,
and a great outlook for 2013!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
And I will be back next week with a few projects we did over christmas :)


  1. Gorgeous! Sometimes I forget to follow my favorite bloggers on Pinterest, thanks for reminding me! :)

    1. Thanks April!!! Happy to be following you back as well :) ~Bre

  2. Those are some great finds! I'm now following you on Pinterest and Instagram!

    1. Thanks Natalie :) So glad to connect with you over there!!! Happy to be following you back!! XO~Bre

  3. Wow! That is some outstanding inspiration! Gave me a few ideas! I am so glad I found your blog!!! It is wonderful! I am looking forward to following along!! Nicole

    1. Thanks!! SO happy to have you here :) I get so much sometimes just from looking at photos :) Happy to be following back! ~Bre

  4. Could you tell me the color in the Westbrook Interiors pic?


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