Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{Anchor} Chalkboard Door & HomeGoods goodies

First of all,
HELLO to all my new friends out there!!
If we were meeting in person 
I would have a HUGE smile on my face,
and probably greet you with a big squeeze!
Sorry I'm a believer in a good hug :)
So excited to connect with you,
and hoping to catch up,
and stop over with those of you, 
I haven't had a chance to stop by with yet.

Valentine's Day is over,
and it's not quite spring here yet,
so sometimes in this "off" season I get stuck with decor,
so to pass the time,
until "official" spring hits, I bring in simple accessories,
and treat myself to fresh flowers.
They're my favorite!

I also wanted to share with you my chalkboard door,
since I updated it from the Valentine's Day quote.
{however I'm wondering now if I ever even shared that one?}

Oh well,
Here's the new:

I love this verse,
and there are so many great ways to write it,
(especially if you google it).

I chose not to go to elaborate,
since I am still working after all on my free-hand.
{no templates for this girl}
At least that's the goal!

I knew I wanted something with an anchor,
and had remembered seeing something with this verse with an anchor on Pinterest,
however when I was looking the other night,
I couldn't find it anywhere.
So I googled the verse to see what they had for images.
I found this one,
and felt like I could handle the font on my own.

I knew in my head how I wanted it to look,
so once I found the exact wording I wanted to use, 
then I googled "anchor" images,
and just picked one that I felt fit best.

Then I just propped my laptop up, with the image on the screen,
to keep the visual fresh,
and scribbled away :)

I started with the anchor first, because I had pictured in my head the verse
kind of over lapping it.

Nothing fancy,
but I feel like it fits my chalkboard well.

I also snagged,
what I thought to be good deals at HomeGoods,
these two new additions which I fell in love with at first sight :)

I found this white pitcher {to add to my all things white collection}
for $12.99.
It's quite large too,
and also this round basket tray for $16.99.

I originally envisioned using the basket tray for BBQ's in the summer,
serving drinks or snacks on,
but for now I like the change up it brings to the dining room table.

Are you ready for spring?

What are you doing to help pass these last weeks of winter?

I also have another hallway transformation 
currently underway,
 did you catch the sneak peek on 


  1. So love your finds lady!!! ANd yes!!! Spring could not come fast enough!!! I am loving that door!!! Oh how I want a chalkboard wall somewhere in my kitchen...I think I just have to do it cause the mister looked at me like I was crazy! Ha! I should show him yours so he gets the idea!!! Cheers to you!

    1. Perfect!! I had a hard time convincing myself to go for it.. maybe because the black chalkboard is such a contrast, but now that it's done I'm just in love with the look and feel it gives the whole room! GO for it.. I finally told myself you can always paint it back if you absolutely hate it :) But I think you will love it! Thanks ~Bre

  2. love it love it love it. and adore that verse. :) it looks so great in your house! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to find them :) ~Bre

  3. Love what you found, the pitcher and tray are great and so is your chalkboard!

  4. I just bought that very same basket tray! :) I love it.

    1. Fabulous!! I'm seriously debating going back to get the bigger one too! ~Bre

  5. Loving this room, especially the color! Could you share the name with me?

  6. LOVE this! And yes, SO ready for spring...she said as the frozen rain came down!

  7. I JUST bought my first can of chalkboard paint on Monday and have been thinking about doing the door that leads to our laundry room. I'm thinkin' this just sold me. I LOVE IT!!!

  8. This room is beautiful! So like the image I have in my head for how I'll decorate our next house.


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