Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hallway {Transformation}

We have been in our house for almost 2 years now,
and from the time we moved in 
I have wanted to spruce up this tiny back hallway.
It's long and narrow, and has a coat closet at the end, as well as our back door.
The hallway is literally as wide as a door, 
so there really isn't a whole lot you can do with it,
but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it, 
and use of it's space.
We finally got around to finishing it up recently,
and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you!

For the time being we had hung up our long coat hook board, 
until we could afford the materials,
as you can imagine, when we first moved in, it wasn't on the top of the priority list.
But this simple project finally made it to completion.
We removed the coat hook board, and prepped the area.

We used the wall panel of beadboard that you can purchase at any
home improvement store.
I chose this option because we live in a very old house,
and the temperature varies greatly in this back hall,
so I didn't want to deal with the beadboard splitting,
I also wanted the surface to be easy to wipe down,
because this is where the kids would be coming in from playing in the snow or mud.

It worked very well in the space.
Then we took base board trim and flipped it upside down,
and placed it on top of the beadboard.

I used some leftover sample paint I had from when I chose the dining room color,
called Mindful Grey.
Unfortunately I can't remember whose it is, but it's a very nice 
light shade of grey.

Drumroll please.......

Here's the 

The coat racks I got from IKEA,
and used four total, 
for two rows, which comes in super handy when teaching the
kids to put their coats away when we come inside.

I really love it when things are numbered,
and you may have noticed my Instagram pic last week
showing the progress of this,
but using simple stamps,
stamped numbers to the right of every hook,
starting with the #1 up to #20.

With the beadboard and coat hooks installed,
this now created a grey void above it,
which didn't take me long to fill ;)
( you guys probably thought I took last week off :)

I made the sign using left over pallet wood,
that the hubs planked together for me real quick,
then using left over paint, sanding, and some white wash stain
for an antiqued beachy feel.
Then using a coastal New England town from 
Martha's Vineyard,
where the hubby and I went for our 5 yr. anniversary,
to carry out the Cape Cod feel.

It's amazing how such a small space, can quickly become your new favorite space in the house.
I don't know if it's because it is so much prettier now,
or  it keeps things organized,
BUT I am very happy with the outcome!

Here's one last
  Before & After:

From an unused hallway,
to a fully functional mudroom.

Someday I hope to put a cute area rug in there for a pop of color,
and a fun light fixture for more character,
but for now,
I'm happy with it just the way it is :)

Do you have a space you recently spruced up?!?!
Leave me a comment with the link,
or simply let me know what you are working on.
I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Ok so you totally rock! Are you serious about that sign! It is flipping awesome! You should be selling them! The transformation is beautiful! A job well done!!!!

    1. OHHH THank you so much!! Such a sweet comment :) *blushing* I have been debating for awhile about selling signs online.. so thanks for the encouragement! :) ~Bre

  2. beautiful! i love the beadboard and love the colors, textures. our hallway is next on my list.... i actually have a week on my calendar blocked out and it says "hallway". which means, "step away from the furniture projects, cassie..... get the hallway done already!"

    1. Love it Cassie!! HA HA.. I know how you feel about getting motivation to take a break from the "funner" projects!! HE HE.. SO funny :) The list goes on.... ~Bre

  3. It looks amaze! You're inspiring me to finish mine, along with the handful of others I have on the backburner!
    xoxo- Kaara @

    1. OHH Thanks.. I'm so glad it's finally done.. even the hubby was impressed, which was good, because I had been telling him I wanted to work on it for almost a year! HA HA ~Bre

  4. It's awesome!!!! And can I purchase a sign??!!! No seriously!?!

    1. JEN! You absolutely can!! I make them for local clients and have been going back and forth forever on putting them up online... I can do custom ones, or whatever.. I have some pictures of some up on facebook, and if you want just e-mail me what your thinking, or if you have a space to fill... or if you want the same exact one :) he he.. and I will get right on it.. I price them off of size and letters... so just let me know and I would love to make one for your lovely home :) XO~ Bre

    2. I am interested in purchasing a sign exactly like this one also. Can you please contact me? nicholsfamily1994 at myfairpoint dot net Thanks!!

  5. Man, that turned out great!! Bet you are very proud of yourself, and you should be. Your sign is perfect for the space. I love the added touch of the numbers on the coat rack. Great job my dear. :)

  6. Love your transformation! Simplicity and functionality at its best! Think you'll be using your 'mud'room very soon for snow boots, hats, gloves, etc. VERY soon! Enjoy the snow!

  7. What a great transformation! I love it! I think Mindful Gray is from Sherwin Williams. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks super, love the grey. I used Bedford Grey in my kitchen transformation. Check it out here
    This weekend im hoping to get started on a bathroom redo.

  9. It looks absolutely amazing...I love it!!

  10. It looks super cute! I was going to do something similar in our hall, but then we took down half a wall.

  11. I can see why this is your new favorite place in your house! You did an AMAZING job with this transformation. It has really inspired me to do something with our narrow hallway leading to the garage & laundry. I'm so excited now...thank you!!! Hopped over from Liz Marie and happy to be your newest follower. Would LOVE to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy

  12. LOVE this space!
    So happy I popped in from Jen's, love your blog too!

  13. Oh my, I love it! Totally my style too -I'm doing our powder room in white beadboard and grey above. Love how you numbered the hooks and that you have plenty. The pallet sign is awesome too. So inspiring!

  14. IT. LOOKS. AWESOME. awesome!

  15. Looks great! That's what I need for our entryway--lots and lots of hooks, to eliminate any excuse for coats to be on the floor!

  16. That sign is amazing - I love all of it - every last bit of it. :)

  17. It turned out really cute! The walls look great with the beadboard and I love that shade of grey!! We were linked up next to eachother and Keep Calm and Link UP :)


  18. Awesome transformation. Love, love, love the sign!!

  19. What a stunning transformation! I always love a good before and after. I love the little details you put in the space, the pallet sign is my favorite. Love this space!

  20. What a great transformation! I love how you used baseboard and just flipped it over for the top of the beadboard! I'm pinning this on my Before and After board:) stop by when you have a chance!

  21. WOWZA! Night and day transformation! I love absolutely everything!

  22. what a great transformation. I love the transformation but especially love your sign.

  23. It's beautiful! I'm looking to update my hallway and this is exactly the inspiration I needed.Thank you so much for sharing at The Inspiration Gallery. We featured you today ! :)

  24. This is fabulous!! Love absolutely all of it, especially the sign!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  25. Awesome transformation, I am impressed,but it will give red touch it may look more beautiful.
    Room share

  26. You have always been one of my favorite blogs as well as your Instagram! I just wanted to stop by and say how talented and inspiring you are!!

    Michele Marino

    1. OHHH MICHELE! Thank you so much for such a sweet sweet comment :) I so appreciate the time you took to come by and say that, it really means a lot, and encourages me to keep designing :) XO


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